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  For men, these are confusing times...

The messages we get about ourselves as men

are often contradictory and even condemning.


For example, we know that the "strong silent type" of the 1950's seems obsolete and limited in today's world


And yet, the soft, sensitive New Age man may seem indecisive and not fully in his power.

So, who are we really, as men?


In the modern world, few men have strong masculine role models, if any at all.  Certainly, our media fails to offer many positive examples.


The misconduct of some male public figures

has led to a condemnation of "male-ness" in general, labeling male power as "toxic masculinity."

Modern men are bombarded by these confusing

messages, leaving many of us feeling uncertain

and even guilty just for being men.


This conference is dedicated to reclaiming this essential aspect of ourselves as men.


The Need for a Summit for Men

This online conference is dedicated to men who want to embody their masculinity with responsibility and positivity.


Traditionally, men relied on each other for survival.

But now, in many households, the father and other male leaders are often physically or emotionally absent, and the masculine lineages are broken. 


Events such as this Summit are occasions to reclaim your essential link to the masculine.  


Each presenter will focus on a different facet of men's work, showing us the diversity of approaches available for us to regain ourselves more fully.


In each of the eight presentations, you will discover

new perspectives and tools to help bring your masculine identity more deeply into your life.


The workshops will be experiential and fun. Join us for as many as you can, or all day!  And at the end of the day, we will have a panel discussion to explore viewpoints on essential issues faced by men.


There is no cost to participate, so feel free to invite your friends for this important event.

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"A man with a weak masculine is especially prone to despise and fear these qualities, and may attempt to suppress the feminine force in his partner."

                                                                                                                       - David Deida


- A free, online event-


Saturday 10 October 2020

9:45 am to 7 pm UK Time Zone

  • 9:45  Opening introduction by EJ Shaffert, The Soul of Men

  • 10:00 Simon Bubb: "Men's Rites of Passage & Male Spirituality"

  • 11:00 E. J. Shaffert: "Creating Masculine Community"

  • 12:00 Rowan Andrews: "Transcending the Nice Guy"

  • 13:00 Sharif Joynson: "The Power of No"

  • 14:00 Kapil Gupta: "Access Your Genius on Demand”

  • 15:00 Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz: "How to Hold Your Own Men's Group"

  • 16:00 Laurence Johns: "Delivering Clean and Effective Communication"

  • 17:00 Jay Williams: "Emotional Mastery For Positive Habit Creation"

  • 18:00 Panel Discussion: "Are Men in Crisis in Modern Society?"

  • 19:00 End


Simon Bubb.jpg

10 am: Simon Bubb

Topic: "Men's Rites of Passage & Male Spirituality"

If there is a male soul, how do I look after mine so I can offer it back

to the world?  Discover your power to bring meaning and transformation

to the community of all men.

Simon Bubb is an actor, husband and recent father and helps run men’s groups in London.

E J Shaffert headshot hi.jpg

11 am: E. J. Shaffert

Topic: "Creating Masculine Community"

Despite all of our social media, loneliness amongst men has become an epidemic.  In modern society, traditional venues for men to connect are disappearing. Now, rediscover ways to create authentic male friendships.


E.J. is a body psychotherapist, teacher and leader of The Soul of Men Training, a 2 - year program in embodied masculinity.


12 pm: Rowan Andrews

Topic: "Transcending the Nice Guy"

Why are most men Nice Guys? In this talk, men will gain insights into their conditioned personas that they may not be aware of and learn processes for growing out of their Nice Guy to be the authentic man they were born to be.


Rowan is a men’s coach, workshop facilitator, and founder of No More Mr. Nice Guy® UK, which helps men be more of their masculine essence.


1 pm:  Sharif Joynson

Topic: "The Power of No"

The reason 'nice guys finish last' is that they're too afraid to simply say what they want - and what they don't want. The secret to fulfullment isn't by saying 'yes' to everything, it's by saying 'No' to what doesn't serve you.


Sharif's uses martial arts principles to help men open their hearts and hold onto their balls.


2 pm: Kapil Gupta

Topic: "Access your Genius on Demand”

Access to our inner Genius is our birthright. We have forgotten how to access our genius because we have been sold an idea that acquiring new skills and becoming better than and having more is where the answer lies.


Founder of, Kapil is a Master Coach, relationship expert, and co-author of the upcoming book, “Being FINE: The Other F Word”

Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz.jpg

3 pm:  Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz

Topic: "How to Hold Your Own Men's Group"

MenSpeak has enabled conscious connection in order to take the edge off

of social isolation and all its challenges, and to enable men to connect authentically and learn from one another's experiences.


Newsweek called Kenny "The Man Whisperer". The founder of MenSpeak, he got over his OCD by working with dying men in Calcutta with Mother Teresa.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.41.44.png

4 pm: Laurence Johns

Topic: "Delivering Clean and Effective Communication"

Each man's presence depends on his ability to communicate with clarity. Learn how to create authentic connection through deep masculine communication: speak to understand and listen to hear.


Laurence is the Training & Outreach Director for The Mankind Project in UK & Ireland.

jay maskless men.png

5 pm: Jay Williams

Topic: "Emotional Mastery for Positive Habit Creation"

There exists a free ticket to creating anything you want in life. In this session, you’ll discover how to use the existing functionality of your mind to make a habit of creating the life you want.


Jay is Mindset & High-Performance Coach helping Men to break through blocks & level up in success fulfillment & relationship.


6 pm: Panel Discussion with Summit Presenters

Topic: "Are Men in Crisis?"

The Summit will conclude with a Panel Presentation / Q+A focusing on these themes:

  • What is a vision for New Masculinity?

  • Is there a current crisis for men and masculinity?  If so, how can this be addressed?

  • How can men be best supported in developing their masculinity and being fulfilled as men?


Join us, as we conclude this Summit with this inspiring discussion!

This summit is hosted by the Soul of Men

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