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The Soul of Men


8-month program begins 12 December in London
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Coronvirus Update:

We are committed to offering the Soul of Men training in person in the coming year

as much as possible, starting in December.  


And we are pleased that, according to government guidelines, we qualify as a "support/therapy group" and can have up to 15 men meeting in person at a time.


But if conditions are further restricted, we have a solid "Plan B" in place so you can learn masculine embodiment and men's tantra online for any of the meetings, as necessary.


Last year, we adapted the training days online, and the experience was amazing. We honestly think that programs of this nature are the best support for men during these difficult and isolating times, 


Join us for the Online Taster so you can see how this work can benefit you!

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The Soul of Men training is a personal development program to help men connect more deeply with their natural masculinity and sexuality.


The training meets live in London for five weekends each year, with online sessions between each training weekend.

For men who are not accessible to London, we will also be offering online workshops starting in 2021.

Our Mission: 

Modern men are bombarded by numerous confusing and often highly contradictory messages about what it means to be a man, leaving many of us feeling disconnected from society, from a sense of purpose, and from our true nature.


In the Soul of Men training, you will delve deeper into your own inner nature as a man, embracing your masculinity and sexuality in a way that feels authentic and vital, powerful and sensitive.




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This is a
“Hero’s Journey” 
deep into your
masculine soul,
to discover the
the very essence that
makes your heart beat
and your spirit
come alive.
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The training draws upon

a variety of resources:

body mind soul.png

Body Psychotherapy

Learn bioenergetic techniques to unlock your energy and masculine power.


Tantric Practices

Practice ancient tantric exercises to expand your sexual power and pleasure.


Jungian Psychology

Discover how deep, inner archetypes can inform your masculine embodiment.

Yoga and Meditation

Create a body and mind that are resilient and aligned with your inner spirit.

Masculine Community

Find support and camaraderie in the 

company of conscious, good-hearted men.



"Soul of Men has done more to positively change my life than

any other course or programme

I have ever been on.  


I can honestly say that it is



I simply feel more alive, more energized, more sexual, more authentic, more attractive,

more confident."  

- Matthew A.

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The training is primarily experiential:

  • Connect to your own true masculine essence & embody this deeply

  • Learn physical exercises to cultivate & sustain your sexual potency

  • Develop natural confidence with women

  • Naturally, increase physical vitality and testosterone

  • Create sexual alchemy in your relationships with women

  • Learn how psychological archetypes can inform your masculinity

  • Develop a strong sense of self-esteem and purpose

  • Expand your experience of sexual power and satisfaction

  • Connect, grow and develop friendships with a community of vital, openhearted men


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Each Year There Are:

Image by Tyler Nix

5 training weekends

in person

Image by Nick Morrison

2 Online Zoom sessions between each weekend

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4 Urban Gatherings

For men who complete the 8-month program, there is an optional second year of training.

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King Archetype Weekend 


16 - 17 Jan. 2021

Urban Gathering:


Saturday 13 Feb. 2021

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 23.41.18.png
Warrior Archetype Weekend


6 - 7 March 2021

Urban Gathering:


Saturday 3 April 2021

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 23.41.27.png
Mystic Archetype Weekend


24 - 25 April 2021

Urban Gathering:


Saturday 22 May 2021

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 23.41.39.png
Lover Archetype Weekend


12 - 13 June 2021

Urban Gathering:


Saturday 3 July 2021

Wildman Weekend

At a Wooded Retreat Site

Friday 22 July to Sunday 24 July




Orientation:  Saturday 12 December 2020

Wildman Weekend

At a Wooded Retreat Site

Friday 23 July to Sunday 25 July 2021

Image by Zach Rowlandson

What  are the Soul of Men Urban Gatherings?

Four times each year, as part of the training, the men gather

between the training weekends to share a fun activity

such as a martial arts class, and then have a pub dinner.

It is a chance to socialize and make long-lasting connections

outside of the usual workshop space.


 Jiu-Jitsu Demonstration. 2019




Tuition can be made as one payment

Or a payment plan with a deposit and monthly installments.


Deposit: £235 and 6 Payments: £185

Total: £1345




Note: Once the training has commenced, there are no refunds and participants

will be responsible for completing all monthly payments.



 I can’t recommend highly enough just how awesome and

life-changing the work really is. I have learned so much.  

EJ and Mark are a true gift to the masculine world in helping

to positively change so many men’s lives for the better.

To you, my gratitude and thank yous! 


I feel more connected to my body, more accepting even proud at times of my sexuality. I feel more open and able to express emotions and vulnerability with men. I am more aware of my power and can see that it is

available to me if I truly want it. 


Before I hardly left the house, Soul of Men unlocked my power and strength to step out. The growth is massive

and huge shifts take place. 


This is a life-changing journey that every male needs to take to embody and become their true mature masculine self.

We addressed the confusion of being a man in modern times

and explored shame around our sexuality as men.

This is a safe and loving space to share and connect with men who truly care about themselves and others. 



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Tantric Development Meditation Practice.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this a therapy group?

While we deal with therapeutic issues in this program, such as relationships and personal experiences, we do not do therapy processing in this group. If you would like further time and attention for processing the emotions that may come up while in this training, we suggest doing this program in tandem with your own therapist.

What is the take-away?

Based on the reported experiences of our participants, we see that the benefits of this work can be large and sustaining. These can include greater vitality and sexual confidence, empowerment in relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Is the program only for heterosexual men?

While some of our topics are specifically related to heterosexual connections, the program is designed for men of all orientation who want to deepen their experience of masculinity.

If I pay with instalments, can I decide to withdraw midway?

Participants can pay in one sum or instalments, and the commitment is for the full year. With either tuition plan, if you withdraw at any point after the program begins, there are no refunds and you are responsible for the fulfilment of all payments.

What happens at the Urban Gatherings? Are these optional?

The Urban Gatherings occur between each of the training weekends. These are an opportunity to continue the Soul of Men experience with group excursions and social time with the other men in your training. They are an important part of the year’s experience and something you would not want to miss.

Do I need previous experience with men’s work or tantra?

No, you will get all of the background and resources you need in the program, whether you have experience in this type of personal development work or not.

Are there options for further participation after completing the year?

Yes, after completing the first year of the training, there is an option to continue for a second year of advanced work. In the second year, we focus intensively on Life Purpose and Masculine Leadership.

Will this help me in relationship with women?

YES! Based on feedback from past participants, you can expect to feel more confident, more sexual, more empowered and able to have more pleasure in your relationships with women.

If I cannot attend programs in London, is there an online option?

While we heartily recommend our 8 month program in London, we recognise that some men may not be able to attend in person. Therefore, we are planning to offer workshops online beginning 2021.


E.J. is a body psychotherapist

with 20 years of experience in

private practice.  


He has been involved in men's work for over 14 years as a creator and leader of men's' groups.  


With insight, humour and a compassionate heart,

he is inspired to help men connect

to their deepest natures.