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Possess Your Power, Honour Your Heart

Are you a man who is longing to deepen his experience of sexuality?

Would you like to have a grounded connection to your masculine power?

Do you believe that sexuality and spirituality can be intimately connected, but are not sure how to bring together these two aspects of life?


Then this Summit is for you.

Whether you are experienced with Tantric practice or just starting out,

this Summit will connect you with essential principles & practices

to live as a masculine, sexual, spiritual man.

In this Summit, you will:

+ Gain understanding of Tantric Sexuality & philosophy

+ Understand the connection between the physical and spiritual

+  Connect more deeply with your body

+ Become grounded in your masculine, sexual energy.

+ Overcome the self-defeating habits 

+ Own your Dark Side

+ Clear toxic emotions to open your heart 

+ Discover the power of your vulnerability

+Create greater presence, pleasure and fulfilment 

+ Bring ancient wisdom into your sexual activity and your life.

This Summit is for men who want to deepen their connection
with their bodies, their sexuality, 
and their intimate partners.  

- A free, online event-

Saturday 22 October 2022
10:30 am to 5:30 pm UK Time Zone
(11:30 am to 6:30 pm CET)

  • 10:30 UK:  Will Thoresby:  "Tantric Warm Up"

  • 11:00 UK:  Rowan Andrews:  "Understanding Tantric Philosophy"

  • 12:00 UK:  Aaron Kleinerman:  "Possess Your Vulnerability & True Power" 

  • 13:00 UK:  Jakob Kaergaard:  "Owning Your Dark Side"

  • 14:00 UK:  Eivind Figenschau Skjellum:  "Energetic & Emotional Mastery"

  • 15:00 UK:  E. J Shaffert:  "Cultivating Your Natural, Tantric Energy"

  • 16:00 UK:  Steffo Shambo:  "Master Your Sexuality"

  • 17:00 UK:  Closing:  "Deciding the Next Steps of Your Journey"

  • 17:30 UK:  End



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10:30 am, UK (11:30 CET): Will Thoresby

"Tantric Warm Up"

To kick off this Summit, Will offers an energetic process to help you wake up your Life Force, connect more deeply with your body and become grounded in your masculine, sexual energy.


Will is a certified yoga instructor and co-teacher at The Soul of Men, a 2-year program in embodied masculinity.


Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 19.15.02.png

11 UK (12 CET): Rowan Andrews

Topic: "Understanding Tantric Philosophy - For Sexual Practices"

This introduction to Tantric spiritual philosophy will help you embody its meaning and overcome the habits that can keep us stuck in our egoic limitations. Learn to bring this ancient wisdom into your sexual activity and your life.

Rowan is a men’s coach, workshop facilitator, and founder of No More Mr. Nice Guy® UK, which helps men be more of their masculine essence.

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 22.41.41.png

12 noon UK (1 pm CET): Aaron Kleinerman

Topic: "Possess Your Vulnerability & True Power"

True power exists when a man can consistently meet both his vulnerability and

his raw animal instincts. In this embodied discussion, Aaron will guide you into your body, to meet your true power! 


Aaron is a Master Coach, relationship expert, Tantric teacher at Embodied Awakening Academy, and author, "The Embodied Man.”

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 22.44.51.png

1 pm UK (2 pm CET): Jakob Kaergaard

Topic: "Owning Your Dark Side"

We all have inner deamons. Are you fighting yours, escaping them, or making

them your allies? Discover how your darker forces can empower your Tantric development.



Jakob is a Men's Coach, Author and Sexual Alchemist


2 pm UK (3 pm CET): Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Topic: "Clearing your Chalice - Energetic & Emotional Mastery"

Our nervous systems can be filled with unprocessed emotions and traumas. In

this experiential presentation, learn how your nervous system, like a chalice,

can be cleared of its toxins to open your heart and create intimacy.


Eivind is the visionary creator of Reclaim your Inner Throne, a 21st-century rite of passage.


Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 18.46.46.png

3 pm UK (4 pm CET): E. J. SHAFFERT

Topic: "Cultivating Your Natural, Tantric Energy"

Our sexual energy is an expression of our natural life force.  Personal and relationship problems develop when this energy is blocked or distorted.  Learn

to liberate your natural power for for greater presence, pleasure and fulfilment.


E.J. is a body psychotherapist, teacher and founder of The Soul of Men Training, a 2-year program in embodied masculinity.

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 22.47.40.png

4 pm UK (5 pm CET): Steffo Shambo

Topic: "Master Your Sexuality - While Staying In Integrity"

Discover how mastering your love life will make you happier, more successful

and even make more money.  Sexual energy is the foundational energy in life - master it, and you master life.

Steffo is a sex, love, relationship expert with a holistic Tantric approach and the founder of The Tantric Man Experience.


5 pm UK (6 pm CET): Closing

Topic: "Choosing the Next Steps of Your Journey"

The Summit will conclude with a review of the trainings, courses, and

other offerings available from each of the Summit presenters.



Join us, as we conclude THE TANTRIC MAN SUMMIT

This summit is hosted by the Soul of Men Training

Summit Form

"It's time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is.
A deep meditation, a holy communion,
A dance with the force of creation."     
-- Marcus Allen




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