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The 2nd Annual

Saturday 6 November 2021

Eight Speakers
On Masculine Purpose
& Embodiment

Image by Ethan Sykes

  For men, these can be confusing times...

The messages we get about ourselves as men

are often contradictory and even condemning.


For example, we know that the "strong silent type" of the 1950's seems obsolete and limited in today's world


And yet, the soft, sensitive New Age man may seem indecisive and not fully in his power.

So, who are we really, as men?


In the modern world, few men have strong masculine role models, if any at all.  Certainly, our media fails to offer many positive examples.


The misconduct of some male public figures

has led to a condemnation of "male-ness" in general, and the often-heard label, "toxic masculinity."

Modern men are bombarded by these confusing

messages, leaving many of us feeling uncertain

and even guilty just for being men.


This conference is dedicated to reclaiming this essential aspect of ourselves as men.


The Need for a Summit for Men

This online conference is dedicated to men who want to embody their masculinity with responsibility and positivity.
Traditionally, men relied on each other for survival.
But now, in many households, the father and other male leaders are often physically or emotionally absent, and the masculine lineages are broken. 
Events such as this Summit are occasions to reclaim your essential link to the masculine.  
Each presenter will focus on a different facet of men's work, showing us the diversity of approaches available for us to regain ourselves more fully.
In each of the eight presentations, you will discover
new perspectives and tools to help bring your masculine identity more deeply into your life.
The workshops will be experiential and fun. This is an opportunity to gain some new perspectives and connect with other men about these important themes.  Join us for as many sessions as you can, or all day!  
There is no cost to participate, so feel free to invite your friends for this important event.

Image by Andreas Wagner

"A man with a weak masculine is especially prone to despise and fear these qualities, and may attempt to suppress the feminine force in his partner."
                                                                                                                       - David Deida

- A free, online event-

Saturday 6 November 2021
9:45 am to 6:30 pm UK Time Zone

  • 9:45  Opening introduction by EJ Shaffert, The Soul of Men

  • 10:00  Paal Chr. Buntz:  "Awaken Your Inner Warrior"

  • 11:00  E. J. Shaffert: "Building Masculine Community"

  • 12:00  Rowan Andrews: "Walking the Path to Authenticity"

  • 13:00  Simon Bubb:  "Male Spirituality - From Crisis to Creativity"

  • 14:00  Laurence Johns:  "Connecting with Emotion to be Authentic"

  • 15:00  Eivind Figenschau Skjellum:  "Reclaiming the Red Knight"

  • 16:00  Will Thoresby:  "The Wisdom of Your Manhood" 

  • 17:00  Gregor Steinmaurer:  "Integrating Masculine Power & Heart"

  • 18:00  Closing:  "Deciding Your Next Steps"

  • 18:30 End


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10 am: Paal Chr. Buntz

Topic: "Awaken Your Inner Warrior"

You will be taken on powerful & ecstatic journey to Awaken Your Inner Warrior. Be prepared to be challenged in active meditations, breath-work and other physical exercises.


Paal is the founder of The Wildman & The Tantric Sexologist Education


Simon Bubb.jpg

Simon Bubb

Topic:  "Male Spirituality - Finding Your Place In The Big Picture"

Within our shadows and our struggles, we can discover our greatest wisdom and strength. Discover how you can find meaning and purpose for my life, and what to do when you've lost your way.

Simon has been involved in men’s work for over ten years, facilitating men’s groups and rituals with The Male Journey UK.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 19.15.02.png

12 pm: Rowan Andrews

Topic: "Walking the Path to Authenticity"

What does personal growth really mean and how do we achieve it? There is so much content available, promoting things we might do.  But why walk that path, and if we choose to, how do we stay true to it without being distracted or settling for less?


Rowan is a men’s coach, workshop facilitator, and founder of No More Mr. Nice Guy® UK, which helps men be more of their masculine essence.

Simon Bubb.jpg

Simon Bubb

Topic:  "Male Spirituality - Finding Your Place In The Big Picture"

Within our shadows and our struggles, we can discover our greatest wisdom and strength. Discover how you can find meaning and purpose for my life, and what to do when you've lost your way.

Simon has been involved in men’s work for 10 years, facilitating men’s groups and rituals.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 18.54.15.png

Laurence Johns

Topic: "Knowing Your Fear and Feeling Your Power

Discover an experiential process that encourages you to step into your fear, rather than away from it, and connect with that energy as the source of your true power.  


Laurence is the Training & Outreach Director for The Mankind Project in UK & Ireland.


3 pm:  Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Topic: "Reclaiming the Red Knight"

When we men disconnect from our embodied, instinctual maleness, we lose our power and expression. In our time together we will remedy this by facing what's taboo and reclaiming "the Red Knight".


Eivind is the visionary creator of Reclaim your Inner Throne, a 21st-century rite of passage.


Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 19.05.04.png

Will Thoresby

Topic: "Beyond Banter, to Conscious Communication"

For many men, discussing sports or sharing banter may be the extent to which they communicate in groups of men.  Learn how to effectively assert your inner self in healthy and fulfilling dialogues with other men.



Will is a co-teacher at The Soul of Men and a certified yoga instructor. 



5 pm:  Gregor Steinmaurer

Topic: "Restoring Dignity - Integrating Masculine Power & Heart"

Explore ways that Integrated Masculinity can bridge the split between Power and Heart. We will look at personal, transgenerational and collective dimensions that get in the way.


Gregor is a Systemic Therapist, Men's Group Facilitator and Teacher of Embodied Spirituality. 


Opening Panel

Topic: "What does it mean to be a man in the 21st Century?"

The Summit will begin with a panel discussion, featuring five thought leaders in the field men's work in the UK, followed by Q+A and open dialogue with the conference participants.



Explore these vital themes, which affect all of us, as men.

This summit is hosted by the Soul of Men Training

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