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The  New  Masculinity

Saturday 18 June 2022

In-person Event
In Angel, London
Followed by a free Craft Beer Tasting Reception
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Image by Ethan Sykes

As men, are we living purposeful lives?

In our modern world, we often get mixed messages of how we should be, as men.


We are expected to be sensitive, but not too sensitive...

To be nice, but not too nice...


To be ambitious, but also to put other's needs before our own...

Who are we really, as men?

And what is our true purpose and direction?

What is our vision of manhood?

In our modern world, few men have strong masculine role models, if any at all.  


Our media tends to focus on men behaving badly, who are seen as representing"toxic masculinity."

Modern men are confronted by these negative

images,  so we may feel uncertain and even guilty about "being a man."

So, what is it that we really stand for, as men?


Image by Jakob Braun

Conscious Masculinity
for the 21st Century

Topics will include:

  • Disovering true meaning and purpose in your life

  • Knowing how to find your inner "centre"

  • Connecting to masculine spirituality

  • The importance of male community 

  • Meaningful connections with other men

  • Authentically handling your fears, without letting them stop you

  • Discovering the source of your true inner power

  • Cultivating your authentic masculine potency

  • And more ...​​

 Join us for this empowering afternoon of masculine discovery.

Authentically embrace your power and leadership in the world

without sacrificing your inner sensitivity and aliveness.​

London:  Saturday 18 June 2022

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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Mountain Ridge

Saturday 18 June

1 pm to 6:00 pm in Angel, London

  Pre-registration is required
Tickets: £18.

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